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                          RV系列蝸輪蝸桿減速機按Q/MD1-2000技術質量標準設計制造。    產品在符合按國家標準GB10085-88蝸桿輪參數基礎之上,蝸輪蝸桿減速機吸取國內外較先進科技,獨具新穎一格的“方箱型”外結構,箱體外形美觀,以優質鋁合金壓鑄而成。   RV蝸輪蝸桿減速機目前已廣泛應用于冶金、礦山、輸送、水利、化工、食品、飲料、紡織、**、包裝、環保等眾多行業和領域工藝裝備的機械減速裝置,深受用戶的**、是目前現代工業裝備實現大速比低噪音、高穩定機械減速傳動控制裝置的較佳選擇。









                          功 率:0.06KW~7.5KW 

                          轉 矩:2.6N?m~2379N?m 


                          基本型號:RV25  RV30  RV40 RV50   RV63  RV75  RV90   RV110  RV130  RV150 NRV25  NRV30  NRV40 NRV50 NRV63   NRV75  NRV90  NRV110  NRV130  NRV150 NMRV25  NMRV30  NMRV40  NMRV50  NMRV63  NMRV75  NMRV90  NMRV110  NMRV130  NMRV150


                          Products overview:  RV series worm gear and worm reducer according to technical quality Q/MD1-2000 standard design and manufacture.  Products in accord with the national standard worm wheel parameters based on GB10085-88, the worm gear and worm reducer to learn the most advanced technology at home and abroad, unique and novel "square box" outside of a lattice structure, the beautiful appearance, with high quality aluminum alloy die casting.  RV worm gear and worm reducer at present has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, transportation, water conservancy, chemical industry, food, beverage, textile, tobacco, packaging, environmental protection, and many other industries, and process equipment in the field of mechanical reduction gear, well received by users, is the modern industrial equipment to realize large speed ratio low noise, high stability mechanical reduction drive control device is the best choice.  Performance characteristics:  1, lightweight, small size and compact mechanical structure efficiency;  2, good heat exchange performance, heat faster;  3, easy installation, flexible balloon, superior performance, easy maintenance;  4, large transmission ratio, torque, high withstand overload capacity;  5, smooth operation, low noise, durable;  6, strong applicability, safety and reliability.  Technical parameters:  Power: 0.06 KW to 7.5 KW  Torque: 2.6 N, m ~ 2379 N, m  Gear ratio: 7.5-100 The basic model: RV25 RV30 RV40 RV50 RV63 RV75 RV90 RV110 RV130 RV150  NRV25 NRV30 NRV40 NRV50 NRV63 NRV75 NRV90 NRV110 NRV130 NRV150  NMRV25 NMRV30 NMRV40 NMRV50 NMRV63 NMRV75 NMRV90 NMRV110 NMRV130 NMRV150  Details please visit our website, website: http://www.gtjanc.com/ welcome new and old customers to inquire, negotiate.



                        加速機廠家 K系列斜齒輪螺旋錐齒輪減速機 XB系列擺線針輪減速機 F系列平行軸斜齒輪減速機 S系列輪蝸輪蝸桿減速機 RV蝸輪蝸桿減速機 T螺旋傘齒輪轉向箱

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